Jeju SamDaSoo, Natural Water Purified by Clean Natured of Jeju Island

Jeju Island (Clean Environment)

Jeju Island is created by over 300 volcanic eruptions and is 90km away from the continent and 1,84km in area.
Mt. Halla rises in the center of Jeju Island to 1,950m above sea level (Highest Mountain in South Korea), and is one of National Parks with an area of 153km and 8.3% of the island.
Mt. Halla is registered on the UNESCO World. Heritage List in June, 2007.

Orgin of Samda

"Sam Da Do" is a another name of Jeju Island.
"Sam" means "three" in Korea. Three things are stone, wind and women. "Da" means "abundant" and "Do" means "island" in Korea.
Jeju Island is well known as Samda Island as it has abundant stone, wind and women from the past.
Abundant Stone : The Volcanic Stones, the basis of Samdasoo, contribute to filtering rainwater and storing clean groundwater.
These days the meaning of Sam-Da (three abundant) become Samdasoo (Natural Mineral water), Mandarin and Green Tea.

Soil Profile of Jeju Island

Samdasoo is a groundwater obtained from volcanic aquifers located 420m deep in Mt. Halla, the National Park of international recognition. Not only the taste of very refreshing and light, but also the quality is uniformed. Due to the natural self-purification characteristics unique to volcanic layer, water quality is very pure and clean.Depending on the content of SiO2 (silicon dioxide), the volcanic rocks can divided into alkali basalt, hawaiite, mugearite, and trachyte. The content of SiO2 in alkali basalt and hawaiite ranges between 47 - 51.1%, and these two categories account for 95% of Jeju Island's volcanic rocks. During rainwater permeates underground level, it acquires useful minerals and micro elements from the rocks and minerals.

Features of Samdasoo

1. Clean and pollution free area.
   (National Park, UNESCO World Heritage)

2. Natural Volcanic Water from Mt. Halla.
   (Porous Lava, black volcanic ash)

3. Abundant natural underground water resources
   (More than 70billion Tons)

4. 420 meter beneath from the surface (Factory).

5. Light Mineral Water with Unique Micro Elements.
   (Vanadium, Silica, etc)

6. Public Corporation Partner.
   (Exclusive Contract for MKT and Sales)

7. Korean No. 1 Brand
   (in PET Bottled drinking water).