Chefs Best Award



The Chefs Best Award of 2003-2015 was awarded to Nongshim by American Culinary Institute for Nongshim noodle’s superior taste, appearance, texture and flavor. We use the most selective choices of farm-fresh produce, unique blend of spices and premium quality grains.
Our patented, computerized equipment and sophisticated processing techniques precisely package our award-winning recipes into every product and every serving. We ensure the highest quality with our complete in-house production system, as experienced chefs oversee every step of production of our world-famous soup base and award-winning noodles that are produced fresh every day.


ChefsBest® is the independent judging organization dedicated to recognizing and honoring America’s best food and food-related products.
ChefsBest® judge many product categories each year. ChefsBest® use panels of expert professional chefs that have been sensory certified as Master Tasters® . In totally unbiased conditions, they use a sophisticated judging methodology to judge which products are America’s best. ChefsBest knows that food is one of your most important monthly expenditures. We want to ensure your money is well spent by helping you buy the best for you and your loved ones. With so many choices in stores, it can be hard to know which products are the best. Fortunately, ChefsBest has already done the homework for you. ChefsBest® helps you enjoy the best.

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