More you eat, more addicted you get “Corn Butter Shin Ramyun”

Introducing “Corn Butter Shin Ramyun.”
Just from the name you can get the idea of what we are going to be making today right?

When seasoned sweetcorn get together with spicy Shin Ramyun? This is the one of the best way of tasting Shin Ramyun! You will be surprised about how much you’re eating this while you don’t realize.

If you eat it while you are drinking beer it will be sensational~


1 unit of Shin Ramyun
Water (350mL)
Sweetcorn (60g)
Butter (20g)
Mayonnaise (10g)
Sugar (10g)
Parmesan Cheese (4g)
Milk (30mL)
1 unit of Egg
1 unit of Hot Pepper
Little bit of Tabasco


1. Crack the egg and stir it.

2. Clean hot pepper and remove the seeds. Then cut them by 0.2cm*0.2cm.

3. Put water (350mL) in the pot and when the water boils put the soup base (8g) into it with noodle. Then boil it for 4 minute and 30 seconds and put the noodle in the bowl without broth.

4. Put butter and corn in the pan and fry it until it turns light brown. Then put sugar and mayonnaise.

5. Put the stirred egg and milk into the corn that you made from previous step #4 and make soft scramble of it.

6. Put the scramble on top of noodle that you prepared in the bowl and spread rest of soup base and parmesan cheese. Also put the hot pepper that you prepared from previous step #2 and 3~4 drops of Tabasco.

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